JIbiza is an Open Space (un)conference, part of the JUnconf.org alliance that started more than a decade ago with the one and only JCrete.


2025, dates TBD

Open Space

A way to enable all kinds of people, in any kind of organization, to create inspired meetings and events.


No CFP, no planned talks. No slides. Maybe demos. Just bring your ideas, knowledge, questions and share with others.


In Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza (Spain). A calm, family area in the capital of the stunning island of Ibiza. 50m away from the beach.


Attendees only need to pay for the venue and lunch costs. Any net revenue would be donated to a NGO.


Bring Your Own Family! There will be planned excursions and amazing plans for all. Stay over in Ibiza for an extended time.

The Venue

This event will be hosted at Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, a venue inspired by the architecture of the Ibicencan village churches. This building evokes the culture, diversity, tolerance and freedom of the Pitiuso village. Navigators, pirates, merchants, peasants, hippies and tourists, all those that have visited or settled in these pine covered islands in the course of history have moulded the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of its community.

The island banks on an innovating and functional infrastructure perfectly integrated in a natural environment of pines, next to a cove typical of Ibiza's coast and a mirador from which one has a panoramic view of the town and the coastline of Santa Eulária des Riu.

Any Questions?

If you can't find here the answer you are looking for, then drop us a line

Is Ibiza well connected?
During Summer time, Ibiza becomes the 4th largest airport of Spain. With probably more connections within Europe than Madrid. Just 50min flight from Madrid, 30min from Barcelona or direct flight from any major European city.
Very likely, not. The unconference has limited capacity. Ibiza gets crowded. And gets expensive (Spanish-level expensive, but still expensive). Book early. July is not peak season, but don’t do it late.
Not a must, but we recommend it. Ibiza is a small island (20 by 40km, approx) and its beauty is to travel around, visiting many small beaches called calas. Each one is unique, beautiful on its own. There’s public transport to (almost) everywhere, and taxi -no Uber yet-, but renting or pooling rental cars is probably a good idea. Book early!
In summer, Ibiza is considered the electronic music capital of the world and many people go there just for parties and music. But, that doesn't mean at all that this is the only thing you can do on the island. The beaches are second to none, just like the food, bars, and lounges. Ibiza is also a very family friendly place. You’ve got it all!
What do you mean by "Bring Your Own Family"?
It’s a little known fact that Ibiza is a very family friendly place. This event might be the perfect chance to bring your family and spend some holidays before/during/after the conference.
An unconference is an open conference in which the form and content of its sessions are determined by the participants on site. The focus is on the discussion of ideas and the equal exchange between all participants (from experts to newcomers). There are no speakers; everyone is a speaker.
If the venue and provided food would be free, the conference would have no cost to attend. So the only cost is to cover the venue and the provided meals for the three days of the conference. That’s 320€. Your employer can be provided with a company invoice. OnGres is the entity providing the payments and contracts for the event. If there will be any net revenue, it will be donated to a NGO.
Yes, please buy the ticket here. This will cover your meals and the share of the cost of the venue. If you registered via JUnconf you will also be contacted independently to register here.